The IdHEO school enters into agreements with sports clubs in order to work on real cases with the students of the school. It is thanks to him that our club was able to benefit from this agreement allowing consultations at a price of € 15.

Two new practitioners recently settled in the town of Haute Goulaine and contacted sports associations to offer their services. An agreement was signed with each of them allowing them to benefit from a reduction compared to their usual consultation rates. Thanks to these agreements, the ESHG allows its licensees to take better care of their athletic body. Some mutuals offer reimbursements for these consultations (in whole or in part, and / or in a limited number annually): check with your mutual!


Comment bénéficier de la convention ? avec IdHEO avec Chloé BEAUFILS avec Mary ROLLAND
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Tarifs 15€ (licenciés majeurs) & 10€(licenciés mineurs) 40€ 40€
Adresse du cabinet Parc de l'Angevinière - Bâtiment F 15, boulevard Marcel Paul - 44800 ST HERBLAIN 4, rue du Puits Bougreau 44115 Haute Goulaine 8, rue du Sablais 44115 Haute Goulaine
  • Take your ESHG Membership Card (available from your section secretariat).
    Write your LAST NAME – First name on the back of the card and present it during the consultation.