1- Are allowed to reserve ESHG equipment: ESHG members as individuals, ESHG sections, the Holiday Committee (if other associations had to reserve ESHG equipment, this must be done through a ESHG member)


2- Equipment price scale for any Etoile Sportive member:

– Up to 5 large trays // 10 benches // 15 trestles: € 5
– Up to 10 large trays // 20 benches // 30 trestles: € 10

– Beyond: 15 €


3- Reservation (by an ESHG section, the Holiday Committee or by an ESHG member on their own behalf or on behalf of an association) must:

a) An « ESHG equipment reservation form » (this form must be requested from the secretary of each section by each applicant and can be downloaded from this section of the website)

b) For sections, obligation to indicate the title of the event on the form (verifies that this is indeed a reservation under the section and not for a particular « disguised » need).

c) Payment by check payable to ESHG, with the reservation

d) A stamped envelope with address in case of need for a receipt in return


4-Reservation deadlines:

a) Sections or CDF have priority within 2 months

b) From this period, the priority depends on the date of deposit of the reservation

5- Deposit of the reservation request: The reservation request, the payment as well as a stamped envelope indicating the address of the applicant (only if the applicant needs a receipt), are to be deposited in the mailbox of Mr BOBINET Laurent, 5 rue de la Chabossière 44115 HAUTE GOULAINE or send to

The reservation request will be confirmed by ESHG by email to indicate the available equipment, provided that an email address has been mentioned in the reservation form; otherwise, the applicant will have to call

NOTE: Free admission for an ESHG or Holiday Committee event and the Barnum is no longer rented out for ESHG members; on the other hand, it can be made available free of charge to the ESHG sections or the Festival Committee only for the needs of their events.

DOWNLOAD CHARTER (available in french)